PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Vanguard Award Winner Joe George

Joe George, Director, Marketing Technology COE, AbbVie

Joe George’s holistic marketing technology strategy and enablement of tech has not only brought AbbVie to a new frontier, but it is also leading how health sciences companies utilize their engagement and messaging. AbbVie’s Digital Marketing Platform (ADMP), began in earnest in 2018, and in just two short years has become a flywheel of evolving, robust, and sophisticated marketing capabilities.

AbbVie’s ADMP is a full-service, integrated platform across Adobe Experience Cloud, Veeva, Marketo, and internal systems. As a technology foundation and system of delivery, ADMP brings the power tools out for marketers’ consumer engagement in market-leading ways. ADMP is also an enterprise delivery model with full governance that offers increased speed to market, decreased cost of delivery, and increased quality of outputs—in an industry where accuracy of content is critical. ADMP success can be attributed to cross-functional leadership, collaboration and partnership across customer experience, marketing analytics, and insights and tech teams.

Making MarTech Simpler—And More Efficient

While ADMP simplifies and integrates the complexity of modern MarTech, its main benefits to AbbVie boil down to three key reasons:

1. Strategically Brilliant: It began with a smart strategic foundation and a thoughtfully staffed, whip-smart team led by Joe that set out to deliver each of the multitude of complex moving parts in a test-and-learn model. This allowed quick learning and wins, and set a well-constructed foundation that is inherently flexible as the business evolves.

2. Fast without sacrificing quality: Under Joe’s leadership, the team implemented and enabled intelligent marketing technology capabilities with enterprise delivery systems more quickly and effectively than has been done among some of the world’s largest companies in any industry. In less than two years, ADMP has incrementally grown to a sophisticated marketing machine and programmed ways of working.

3. Sophistication at Scale: Operationalizing a company at AbbVie’s scale across brands and partners is a huge feat. But thanks to ADMP, brands are already delivering personalized, cross-channel experiences, honing and optimizing their insights and efficacy, and enabling innovation that supersedes capabilities of other companies.

As an example of its impact in practice, the use of ADMP helped to double the number of visits by healthcare professionals to one branded educational website. And the industry has also taken notice of its impact on the company. In 2019, AbbVie reached Genius status in the Gartner-L2 Digital IQ Index for Pharma.

And now, thanks to this Vanguard Award, we at PM360 can say that Joe George and his AbbVie teams have also reached genius status in our eyes.


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