PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Self-Promotion Silver Winner Intouch Group

Rare Disease Day – Data Points to Rare (Intouch Group)

Over 300 million people worldwide are affected by the 7,000+ known rare diseases. On average, it can take up to seven years to simply get a diagnosis. Rare Disease Day has always been an opportunity to help change that by raising awareness and support for this community. This year, Intouch wanted to take things a bit further.

The strategy: prompt patients to share the pivotal moments of when they reached diagnosis as well as establish Intouch as the leader in the rare disease space. The project was deeply rooted in data, because data is the key to finding that elusive diagnosis.

The “Data Points To Rare” campaign encouraged stories and crucial data points to be shared via a website and through social media. In a two-week period leading up to Rare Disease Day, the campaign generated 1.2 million impressions with 76 user generated content submissions that expanded patient stories on the website by 50%.


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