PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Innovation Brand Champion Paul Vega

Paul Vega, Associate Director, Digital Marketing & CRM – ENTYVIO Consumer, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited USA

ENTYVIO is the category leader in a very competitive marketplace. The brand consistently delivers a competitive share of voice and share of spend by focusing on an efficient delivery of targeted media.

Paul Vega and agency partners, Merkle and Resolution Media, took Media Mix Modelling to the next level, and provided detailed analysis by video type, network, publisher, placement, daypart, and genre to calculate cost-effectiveness. This gave the team a full understanding of the value of each individual network, cable, over-the-top (OTT) service, and digital video channel.

Armed with the data, the ENTYVIO team made performance-based changes for each placement. Two key initiatives resulted in better targeting and smarter spending. After the first quarter, the team utilized cable genres that generated a higher response at a lower cost. The brand then aired a series of educational vignettes about the science behind ENTYVIO on top-ranked networks. At the same time, they also isolated and eliminated lower performing channels. They then reallocated those funds and optimized within the digital video space.

Paul, along with the team, worked to identify the additional key focus areas required to not only maximize media impact, but also, to implement appropriate changes quickly. As a result, overall effectiveness for linear TV and digital video increased 24% from the previous year, which offset higher costs stemming from market conditions in 2020.

The quick win proved the value of better-informed planning. Ongoing analysis by genre, network, daypart, and program will help Paul and the ENTYVIO team continue to make informed media choices for every broadcast quarter, demonstrating that with this innovative strategy, ENTYVIO doesn’t need to outspend.


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