PM360 2021 Innovative Strategy Omnichannel Activation Model from EVERSANA

Omnichannel Activation Model


Sarah Zwicky, Chief Marketing & Corporate Communications Officer

In a market where over 60% of new launches fail to meet market forecasts, manufacturers can’t afford to overlook the full potential of a data-driven omnichannel strategy. EVERSANA’s omnichannel activation model goes beyond marketing to provide actionable insights that better inform commercial strategies through full connectivity of promotional campaigns, field activities, and patient services programs.

As the only organization to house all commercialization services under one roof, EVERSANA is helping the industry overcome this challenge with a best-in-class omnichannel model that aggregates and synthesizes pivotal data sets from marketing campaigns, patient services programs, and field activities to analyze and predict trends and behaviors that better inform promotional and support strategies.

Driven by predictive analytics and machine learning, EVERSANA’s omnichannel activation model develops personas to predict the “next best action” for impactful, personalized engagement across direct, digital, and telehealth channels with just-in-time recommendations.

Serving as a seamless router of actionable data and deep insights from all channels, the model provides the optimal coordination of the customized touch points required to create a seamless brand experience for healthcare providers, patients, payers, and other key stakeholders.

As a result, the model affords manufacturers the ability to develop precision messaging and deploy an array of targeted one-to-one conversations for maximum impact. With EVERSANA’s model, one-size-fits-all strategies and messaging are things of the past, and successful brands resist the temptation to “be everywhere.” Instead, they use EVERSANA’s omnichannel activation model to create an immersive experience that meets the specific needs of stakeholders to make every engagement count.


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