PM360 2021 Innovative Strategy allegro. from Ashfield Health


Ashfield Health

Nicky Griffin, Program Director, allegro.

A scarcity of medical writers in our industry led Ashfield Health to develop allegro.. The goal of allegro. is to attract—and retain—high quality scientific communicators with two training and development programs. Each program has a focus on individualized learning and accelerated career progression.

allegro.WRITE is the award-winning, entry-level 12-month fast-track development program that offers life sciences graduates an initial step into the world of medical communications. allegro.EXCEL is the senior-level program for writers who wish to accelerate their careers to Scientific Director. The programs provide top-class training on all aspects of medical communications including medical writing and soft business skills.

To date, 172 people have joined Ashfield MedComms through allegro.WRITE. allegro. writers are exceeding expectations: of the 132 writers who have completed the program, 80% achieved promotion within 12 months. This expedited pace allows Ashfield MedComms to adequately resource the business, without compromising quality. In addition, the company retains and develops graduates through their careers to become scientific and business leaders of the future. Enrichment initiatives allow writers to further their development, not just during the first 12 months, but continually throughout their careers. All employees, including allegro. alumni, have access to over 40 bespoke Academy training programs, offering focused training courses designed to support personal development at all levels of the organization.

This continued focus on development means that, as of October 2021, 32 writers have been promoted to more senior positions in the business. In these roles, allegro.WRITE alumni are seeking out new opportunities and challenges, taking on more responsibility and leading the implementation of client communication programs, ultimately helping healthcare professionals access the information they need to improve patients’ lives.


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