PM360 2021 Innovative Startup Obsidio, Inc.

Obsidio, Inc.

Ehsan Jabbarzadeh, PhD, MBA, Co-Founder and CEO

Obsidio, Inc. is a venture-backed medical device company pioneering a biomaterial platform technology to enable minimally invasive occlusion of blood vessels with broad applications in interventional radiology and interventional oncology.

Uncontrolled bleeding due to vascular injury or aneurysm rupture is associated with a high mortality rate. The gold standard treatment involves pushing long metal wires with a coiled shape into the vessel repeatedly until they are packed densely enough to allow the blood flow to slow and clot. Radiologists feed coils, or combinations of other devices, into the blood vessel until hemostasis is achieved. The standard of care is associated with many shortcomings, including high rebleeding rate, unpredictable economics, and dependence on patients’ ability to clot.

Obsidio has engineered a gel embolic material (GEMTM) based on a proprietary shear thinning technology platform for transcatheter intravascular embolization. GEMTM has unique properties enabling a solid polymer to be easily delivered directly through clinical catheters into the blood vessel. Upon injection, the material forms a cast of the vessel and halts blood flow without relying on precipitation or polymerization. GEMTM does not require any pre-treatment or preparation, is injectable via a wide range of catheters, and produces zero imaging artifacts.

The field of vascular embolization and occlusion is characterized by a strong emphasis on alternatives (e.g., liquid embolics) to coils in niche clinical applications. There is a significant unmet need to develop an embolic that is versatile, naturally occlusive, poses no risk of migration or rebleeding, is compatible with imaging, and is cost effective and easy to administer. Obsidio’s mission is to bring to market a differentiated product that solves many of these challenges.


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