PM360 2021 Innovative Startup, Part of Real Chemistry, Part of Real Chemistry

John Seaner, Chief Marketing Officer

Patients with rare diseases are often misdiagnosed or undiagnosed for an average of six years, resulting in low quality of life, extreme burden on caregivers, and financial hardship. Compounding the challenge, HCPs are not aware of all the 7,000 rare diseases nor all their treatment options—a primary reason why patients consult an average of 7.3 physicians through their diagnostic journey.

Enter, part of Real Chemistry, an Insights as a Service company launched in mid-2019, empowering life sciences companies to better understand and improve the lives of specialty and rare disease patients through the research, development, and commercialization of new therapies. discovers patients with rare conditions through a HIPAA-certified process that applies machine learning and artificial intelligence against a real-world data universe of more than 300 million “de-identified” patient journeys through four billion insurance claims; 65 billion anonymous social determinants of health signals through 3,000 consumer attributes such as geography, employment, and access to healthcare; and first-party sources such as genetic data pools, laboratory research, and key opinion leaders. creates models that reveal undiagnosed and/or misdiagnosed patients, their diagnostic and treatment journey, and their healthcare ecosystem with the highest propensity of disease manifestation. Patients are then linked to their treating physicians so that life sciences companies can educate them on disease recognition, diagnosis, and standards of care. The result: timely diagnosis, intervention with life-changing therapies, and/or recommending a clinical study.

In 2021, launched a new product to uncover medically eligible patients for rare disease trials. Early results point to decreases in candidate screening failure, commonly 81%; patient recruitment duration, normally three years; and overall enrollment costs, which could reach $15 million.


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