PM360 2021 Innovative Service HWPInsights from Health & Wellness Partners, LLC


Health & Wellness Partners, LLC

Jani Hegarty, President

To ensure clients stay ahead of the curve and on top of industry trends and topics, Health & Wellness Partners, LLC (HWP) established HWPInsights. The survey service offers clients unique insights that help them strategize and identify the best approach to better educate both HCPs and patients.

Where published data on HCP learning preferences or perceptions on emerging topics are lacking, HWP can fill the void by conducting surveys that ultimately allow clients to make data-driven, strategic decisions about how to allocate resources and where to focus. The company then creates content and resources in a variety of formats and media that are easily digestible and vital for HCP education, which ultimately result in better patient education.

This year, HWP deployed surveys on a wide range of topics, including telemedicine, speaker bureau preference trends, advanced practice practitioner education tactics, and more. All of the surveys are drafted by HWP’s strategic planning and scientific medical teams. Typically, they receive responses within 24 to 48 hours and garner a substantial sample size with an average of 200 responses.

For example, one of the most valuable surveys they conducted was on HCP virtual programs preference. The results revealed key learnings on preferences for: day of the week, time of day, length of virtual meetings, type of digital platform, and methods of communication. This knowledge—including keeping virtual programs below 45 minutes and hosting them on Wednesday and Thursday evenings—was applied to the development of over 3,000 speaker programs, 55 speaker trainings, 82 national broadcasts, and more. These virtual programs met or exceeded client goals and benchmarks, which helps to illustrate the benefit of HWPInsights.


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