PM360 2021 Innovative Product RepConnect from GSW, powered by Syneos Health


GSW, powered by Syneos Health

Bryan Roman, GSW EVP Creative Technology

COVID-19 has changed the way we do business, creating a sea of uncertainty throughout the world. But one thing we do know: virtual engagement with pharma reps is here to stay. According to the August 2020 Accenture Healthcare Provider Survey, 87% of HCPs want either all virtual or a mix of virtual and in-person meetings even after the pandemic ends. This requires new ways of creating meaningful connections.

Immediately after shutdowns started in March 2020, GSW realized that brands had a business problem related to reps detailing in person. This inspired the introduction of RepConnect, a platform that enables reps to deliver an engaging sales call via their existing CRM platform while maintaining social distance by “beaming” content directly to HCPs’ or nurse practitioners’ mobile devices. RepConnect uses cloud technology to let reps stream their detail to an HCP’s device from six feet away using either WiFi or cellular data. The rep brings up a QR code, the HCP scans it, and then they are in business! The rep casts content on the HCP’s phone by tapping icons to display different information. The experience can even be customized with any product branding.

RepConnect’s introduction has had substantial impact on the quality of remote and socially distant detailing. The solution has become the presentation medium of choice for select clients of GSW, including some of the world’s largest biotechnology and pharma companies. In addition to making the remote detail experience easier, it has opened doors to new communication strategies, such as presenting to multiple HCPs at once and allowing HCPs to receive a detail in a setting where an internet connection and mobile device is present.


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