PM360 2021 Innovative Product Kander Patient Feedback System from BW Health Group

Kander Patient Feedback System

BW Health Group

Tom McDonnell, President

Positive patient experience with a drug is a key criterion for any clinician’s decision to initiate or continue a medication. Between longstanding trends and the pandemic environment, shorter and more infrequent follow-up consultations are becoming the norm, meaning patient experience is often conveyed only if there is a lack of efficacy or other issue.

In 2021, BW Health Group developed the Kander Patient Feedback System to solve this problem. At the core of Kander is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art system that solicits patient experience with a therapy and delivers reports to the prescribing HCP. Much more than a survey, Kander enables multiple channels of both patient recruitment and report delivery to HCPs to optimize throughput and ultimately lift.

Patients answer simple questions about their experiences on a responsive microsite accessible from almost any device. Their participation is driven by a range of compliant patient incentives, and can involve a single assessment or multiple inquiries over time. Kander can integrate with existing patient savings, CRM, or hub programs to recruit patients; recruitment can also be supplemented via collateral deployed to the practice. Almost immediately after the assessment, the prescribing HCP will receive a report via email and postal mail that conveys the patient’s experience with a therapy in an easily scannable form.

In addition to the impact on writing behavior, communication between HCPs and patients is improved with the addition of the Kander communication. This is positively received by both patient and HCP and improves the perception of both corporate and therapeutic brands. This “halo effect” can be amplified by using field sales representative details or other promotion to build clinician awareness of the program.


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