PM360 2021 Innovative Product ililli from Watzan



Evan Johnson, Chief of Staff

Every social app has sprung from a megatrend and the latest is talk (think Clubhouse). But, not just any talk, short talks. Social works because the content is social sized. Breaking content down into small, asynchronous pieces makes it easier for more people to disseminate new information and to consume it.

Seeing the need for a social talk platform in pharma, Watzan created ililli (pronounced EYE-lily), which allows users to post 15-second “talks” about anything. So, HCPs, societies, and publishers can use ililli to talk the latest science and make sure it’s heard. In addition to posting content, users can also access posts on-demand, like posts to give creators verbal feedback, and connect with or follow others to prioritize content. Since the posts are so short, it means anyone can post a talk without the need to prep, use professional equipment, or edit their work.

Furthermore, these “talks” make science stand out in ways text and other formats cannot. Similar to Spotify, the ililli platform knows when one talk ends and automatically starts the next talk. Users can just choose to listen to a specific channel (which is like a hashtag) and hear all of the posts on that subject. Additionally, each post can also link to papers, abstracts, videos, podcasts, and more.

For advertisers, Watzan developed a talk-first ad unit, called the “Talkie.” Talkies gives the brand’s talk 100% share of voice—and their banners 100% share of screen. When ililli debuted at ASCO this year, Talkie ads got an 18% click through rate and more than 70% of the time the ad played for at least two seconds.


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