PM360 2021 Innovative Product Audience Designer Integration with PurpleLab Data from Semcasting

Audience Designer Integration with PurpleLab Data


Matt Caldecutt, Blast PR for Semcasting

Promoting campaigns to the wrong audiences wastes marketers’ time, money, and patience. Semcasting’s self-serve Audience Designer (ADS), a fully integrated audience design and measurement platform with onboarding, list optimization, and measurement, prevents this from happening. ADS produces the right audience for campaigns with a match rate of 85% and same day time-to-market.

In October 2021, Semcasting announced a partnership with PurpleLab to introduce insights from healthcare providers and HIPAA-compliant direct-to-consumer condition marketing into the ADS platform. This empowers healthcare marketers with quality health and medical data to connect with select audiences through privacy-compliant and adequate messages. Additionally, Semcasting and PurpleLab data has been de-identified, tokenized, and screened by the same Datavant data privacy process that the medical and pharmaceutical industry requires when working with patient data.

With ADS’ recent incorporation, healthcare marketers can locate the general public and aim at those who want to feel better or maintain how they’re feeling, rather than just targeting those who feel sick and want to get better. The quality health and medical data remove key obstacles that brand advertisers often face in healthcare.

The analytics and insights included in ADS include 34 condition categories for 171 patient conditions, 159 medications by treatment categories, 99 in-patient and out-patient procedures, and 66 common imaging and lab tests. Additionally, the data includes over 2.1 million healthcare providers, coverage of 752 healthcare specialties, and reaches healthcare providers at both their home and office. Semcasting’s merging of these healthcare data analytics will enable marketers to locate the folks who need to hear from such campaigns by further specifying campaigns to help the public make better decisions about their health.


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