PM360 2021 Innovative Product Anatomy from Heartbeat



David Sakadelis, Senior Vice President, Technology

This year, Heartbeat set out to reimagine how agencies deliver websites for healthcare clients. The goal was to address the lengthy timelines and exceedingly high costs typical of website creation, while making it easier to incorporate user experience, best practices, and healthcare-specific industry requirements, such as expandable ISI, to best engage with HCP and patient audiences. The solution was Anatomy, a proprietary low-code platform that combines a flexible design system with a new streamlined development process, enabling quicker and more cost-effective website production while maintaining the high level of design quality found in custom website builds.

First, to establish a robust design system library, Heartbeat performed an in-depth analysis of over 60 prominent healthcare sites and documented more than 500 individual design patterns. This new bank of established site components gave Anatomy a wide array of building blocks for the construction of a modern and fully functional website. Additional site elements to address tracking and accessibility were also incorporated at the component-level to further streamline the build process.

Importantly, Anatomy is integrated with the popular design tool Sketch, which allows designers to work in a familiar program when customizing components before they are pushed to the Anatomy platform. This eliminates the need to recreate in code what’s already been done via design. Once the website is complete in Anatomy, it can then be pushed to a CMS or output as flat HTML and hosted anywhere the client desires.

Anatomy’s streamlined development process dramatically reduces the amount of technical support required to build a website and gives users with little to no coding experience the ability to create an ultra-modern, premium-quality website almost entirely on their own.


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