PM360 2021 Innovative Company CureClick


Nico Coetzee, Chief Marketing Officer

CureClick has successfully applied several never before tried approaches that are changing how the industry operates within the clinical trial recruitment space. By empowering patient ambassadors to candidly share information and experiences of clinical trials across their social networks, CureClick has tapped into the power of peer-to-peer communication to help optimize the drug development process across more than 70 therapeutic areas.

One of the aspects that makes clinical trial recruitment notoriously difficult is patients have trouble trusting the sources of healthcare information. The solution: increase clinical trial awareness and accelerate patient recruitment by enabling influential members of online communities to easily find and disseminate accurate, health-literate information across their social networks. After all, patients see their online communities as lifelines and primary sources for the latest news about their health. CureClick engages them on their terms by partnering with community leaders and advocates they trust.

An esteemed group of advisors provide feedback on new features, member benefits, and partnership opportunities, and author content for the CureClick community. The group consists of a who’s who of influential members from the world of healthcare who lead online communities and author content that supports millions of people who struggle with illness worldwide. These individuals have helped to inspire everything CureClick does, and their input continues to help shape and improve the platform’s evolution.

The results have impacted the lives of 100,000 patients, and led to more than 450 recruitment campaigns. Millions of trial impressions later, nearly 7,000 ambassadors share personal stories and enthusiasm for ongoing clinical trials that treat a slew of diseases.


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