PM360 2020 Trailblazer Awards Vanguard Award Winner Chris Paquette

Chris Paquette, Founder & CEO, DeepIntent

Programmatic advertising was rapidly adopted by other industries in the 2010s, but healthcare mostly stayed on the sidelines. While healthcare is typically a slow adopter, the fact is programmatic platforms at that time weren’t really built to accommodate life sciences marketers. But as a former data scientist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center with a background in digital advertising, Chris Paquette recognized the immense value programmatic advertising could unlock for marketers when applied to healthcare and advertising in a privacy-safe way. So he made a platform that made sense for them.

MarketMatch is the only healthcare-specific programmatic platform that grants life sciences marketers access to patient and provider audiences with unprecedented speed, scale, and precision. To deliver a solution that addresses the specific needs of these marketers, Chris identified three key areas.

1. Unique Data: For patient targeting, he developed Modeled Audiences, a patent-pending, machine learning-based solution that models and extracts social determinants of health from clinical data and applies it in a privacy-safe way for programmatic buys. This provides statistical guarantees that individuals can never be re-identified. For HCP targeting, he partnered with authenticated identity data providers and clinical data partners to build Planner, a real-time planning and segmentation tool that allows marketers to query clinical and online behavioral data to build media plans and launch campaigns in minutes for more than 1.6M addressable HCPs. Prior to this tool, this process could take weeks.

2. Unique Inventory: High-quality endemic (healthcare) inventory is rarely available on programmatic platforms such as Google and The Trade Desk. But Chris built DeepIntent’s Healthcare Marketplace exclusively for healthcare publishers where any media (eNewsletter, banner, video, native) could be sold and negotiated on any pricing model (CPM, CPE, Fixed Rate, etc.). Additionally, new “break-out” media channels, such as telehealth waiting rooms and connected TVs, are also available within the marketplace.

3. Unique Analytics and Reporting: For HCP marketers, Provider Level Data (PLD) is the holy grail. As of today, MarketMatch is the only platform that has this built within its technology, meaning marketers can identify the exact physician before serving an ad and report back within milliseconds whether the HCP saw and engaged with the ad. The result: Higher engagement and more relevant messaging that is personalized for each provider along the marketing funnel.

Now, programmatic has become an important tool for life sciences marketers, especially as they adjust from the fallout of COVID-19. Digital is taking on an enhanced role, and non-personal promotion (NPP) is even more important as reps’ access to physicians is limited. This trend is evidenced in the rapid adoption of Chris’ platform by over 200 brands to reach HCPs and patients in a contactless way across the U.S.


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