PM360 2020 Trailblazer Awards Self-promotion Winner Calcium

“Calcium on the MOOve: The Cows ‘Nourishment’ Campaign” (Calcium)

One of the primary goals of this moo-ving initiative was to break through a familiar or uninspired agency promotion approach with a campaign that presents Calcium as unique—masters of branding and advertising. The “Cows ‘Nourishment’ Campaign” shows how the agency lives by its own principles, delivering the same impact for itself as it offers to clients: digital and creative expertise, strategic strength, and strong results.

An overarching goal of the campaign was to target both prospective and current clients as well as industry peers by engaging with them and triggering an emotional response (like a smile or an LOL!) while prompting a rational action, such as a call or email to Calcium to inquire about a partnership. The “Calcium cow” was developed—and has been used consistently—to function as a memorable and meaningful brand icon that has an appealing personality all its own, yet always connects to the underlying benefit of “nourishment.” The consistent design and voice of this campaign made it immediately recognizable and helped Calcium achieve widespread brand recognition in a very cluttered category.

Since launch, Calcium has experienced a whopping 48% increase in the number of company presentations and business pitches to which they have been invited, translating into meaningful agency growth.


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