PM360 2020 Trailblazer Awards Professional Website/Online Initiative Winner Alexza Pharmaceuticals and Elevate Healthcare

“Unleash the Speed” (Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Elevate Healthcare)

Alexza Pharmaceuticals is focused on building a commercialization partner pipeline for their patented Staccato One Breath Technology (OBT) system, a handheld inhaler designed to deliver a pure drug aerosol to the deep lungs, providing rapid, improved systemic delivery in a simple, non-invasive manner.

The main objective of the “Unleash the Speed” website initiative was to proactively educate drug development decision-makers at pharmaceutical companies about the potential Staccato OBT holds for improved delivery of their molecules. In the beginning, the challenges were little to no awareness of the advantages of Staccato OBT with this target audience, and a perception that some patients may struggle to adapt to a new delivery system they had to activate with a breath.

So, strategy included highlighting the advanced technology, as well as the simplicity of how patients adapt to it. This breakthrough in delivery literally changes the way that a medication can be released—unleashing a molecule at an incredibly rapid pace via a single breath by the patient, helping to achieve peak plasma levels in the first minutes after administration. The key to achieving success was to immediately and powerfully convey these two simple ideas about the product to an unaware or even skeptical audience.

After the site was live for three months, engagements were well above the industry average, and most importantly, Staccato OBT had built a number of potential new candidates for development. The Unleash the Speed campaign has helped unleashed a whole new stream of commercialization partners.


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