PM360 2020 Trailblazer Awards Men’s Health Brand Champion Tom Zipp

Tom Zipp, Director of Marketing, XYOSTED & OTREXUP, Antares Pharma

It’s one thing to call someone a Brand Champion in the field of men’s health. It’s another to be able to prove it—to be able to show work and results worthy of those titles. Tom Zipp fits the bill on both counts.

Tom brought his extensive strategy and brand marketing expertise to Antares Pharma determined to improve men’s health with the launch of their testosterone replacement therapy, XYOSTED. From day one, he worked ceaselessly to erase the stigma of low T in a quick-to-market and accessible way to the target male audience. Just one year into his tenure at Antares, Tom’s vision—through innovative and turnkey digital activations—has not only come to fruition, but continues to grow in scale and impact.

Among other initiatives, Tom continued to drive XYOSTED’s award-winning and critically acclaimed “Life is Complicated” social media campaign. This unbranded campaign leaned into the mess of existing treatment flaws to create a comic camaraderie around the need for a new testosterone treatment. Tom also brought to life the “XYOSTED Instead” campaign, which is Antares Pharma’s first ever branded consumer campaign. This campaign used relatable, patient-centric imagery and insightful copy to drive home XOSTED’s unique value proposition for men with low testosterone.

Standing out in the crowded social and digital space was pivotal for reaching men with low T and making a meaningful impact on their life. The unbranded campaign successfully primed the audience and enabled the successful launch of XYOSTED, taking home multiple major industry awards in the process. Additionally, the branded campaign continues to drive growth and uptake of XYOSTED.


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