PM360 2020 Trailblazer Awards DTC Campaign Winner Galderma and Intouch Group

Restylane Ready (Galderma, Intouch Group)

After the past few months, we could all use a fresher look without all those worry lines, right? Galderma and Intouch Group spread the word about a modern face filler that sidesteps the “overdone Hollywood look.” It’s Restylane to the rescue: The largest hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable dermal filler in the aesthetic market, with more than 20 years of experience and 40 million treatments worldwide. With such an entrenched, well-known, and respected brand, the marketing challenge was threefold: How do you sustain curiosity, nurture additional audience interest (for more products), and propel the customer directly into product engagement such as making an aesthetic appointment.

Creative teams realized the market-differentiating factor was a huge demand for more subtle, flexible, and natural-looking facial results. The brand’s intimate voice and tone, plus highly authentic personas, helped kickstart the beauty campaign, which eventually soared 400% past all benchmark goals. They learned that this audience is experienced and knows exactly what she wants to look like, so the Restylane Ready campaign empowers and inspires the educated consumer.

One of the campaign’s most effective messages encouraged the patient to make an appointment using a direct marketing $100-off incentive. This incentive was crucial to increasing engagement while Galderma stayed competitive in the marketplace. Additionally, Galderma and Intouch coordinated pilot studies in several cities with the most growth potential for the brand. They executed a four-month digital plan and CTV ad tests as well as B2C initiates, which provided rare opportunities to introduce highly involved consumers to other anti-aging products.


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