PM360 2020 Trailblazer Awards App/Digital Solution or Suite Winner Galderma and Schaefer Advertising Co.

The myForte App (Galderma, Schaefer Advertising Co.)

The myForte App for “Acne Adherence in Your Hands” was reinvented from an underused, existing app called “epi-tracker” that promoted adherence to general acne treatment. The new myForte App, launched in June 2019, highlights patient selfies that closely track progress, allowing HCPs and patients to measure clinical (and digital) change with a series of pictures and data collection on the app.

Galderma and Schaefer Advertising were dedicated to reaching teen target audiences suffering with acne, as well as their parents and dermatologists. The overarching strategy for the app was the clear understanding that the emotional burden of acne for teens is punctuated by a lack of predictability. The team conducted primary and secondary qualitative research to gain insights into the best user experience and what would inspire in-depth treatment conversations between patient and HCP. The agency-client team additionally sought insights from field sales reps to ensure the app was adopted by patients and clinicians easily and completely.

They then created a patient-friendly, compassionate app with mandates for monthly predictability and breakout trigger awareness. The digital solution generated incredible usage stats during its short time in the market—and app download rates increased by more than 250%. By September 2020, the myForte App was downloaded over 80,000 times and user return rates continue to increase, presently at 50%, indicating continual use and regular engagement. The myForte app has helped Epiduo® Forte (adaplane and benzoyl peroxide) Gel, 0.3%/2.5% continue as the #1 prescribed acne medication in the U.S. for two years running.


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