PM360 2020 Innovative Service HYBRID L!VE from Hybrid Healthcare Communications


Hybrid Healthcare Communications

Pat Baffuto, Vice President, Client Service

Hybrid Healthcare Communications is known for pushing digital innovations across tactical areas to engage medical audiences at live events—and then came the coronavirus pandemic. The company responded by creating a solution that could maintain the feel of live events, the engagement, and the offerings in a digital space.

HYBRID L!VE is a comprehensive virtual engagement platform for a rapidly changing world, fully integrated with HD video, live Q&A and polling, virtual breakout rooms, content libraries, custom web apps, and live meeting support. The service was developed and launched in less than two weeks in March of 2020.

With HYBRID L!VE, clients can build the platform, event by event, tailored to the design of their program. In a heavily regulated pharmaceutical market, this is key to the implementation of successful events. Along with customization, every HYBRID L!VE program comes standard with pre-meeting, during-meeting, and post-meeting technical, logistical, client, and attendee support. In the virtual world, the question isn’t, Will problems arise? Instead, it’s How quickly can you respond to these problems? The team at Hybrid is equipped to resolve any issue within minutes.

HYBRID L!VE takes the stress out of the logistics of planning a virtual event and allows clients to reach isolated customers in a way that is interactive and engaging. Hybrid creates a virtual community designed to help clients support and educate healthcare providers during this difficult time when the medical community is facing unprecedented challenges. Since HYBRID L!VE’s inception, the company has executed 65+ programs, with a total of 90 presenters, 2,500 attendees, 550 poll responses, and 300 questions asked.


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