PM360 2020 Innovative Service Relaunch from Healio Relaunch


Matthew J. Holland, Chief Commercial Officer

As a company and online platform, Healio has always been dedicated to the medical specialist. A natural extension of this focus on specialty and subspecialty medicine came in the form of further emphasis on user experience with the most recent release of For HCPs, the all-new Healio delivers more personalized content and deeper engagements. And for marketers, Healio brings a more targeted audience, relevant environment, and greater insights into HCP behaviors.

After extensive usability testing with HCPs, Healio set out to give users a site that is easy to use and delivers trusted content relevant to their practice. The new Healio was constructed in phases with the News section released this June and Healio CME in November 2019. But re-engineering Healio was more than a facelift. Born out of the process was implementation of an all-new design system, application of UX norms and practices, use of the latest coding and development software, and installation of advanced data and journey mapping technologies.

For example, Healio’s proprietary content tagging system Healiologix pairs leading tagging and indexing systems with Healio’s editorial content expertise to provide an enriched keyword result for users to dive deeper into areas of interest and offers more relevant recommendations to related content. Healio also expanded its Expert Perspectives making them more accessible to HCPs. This time-saving feature provides context from knowledgeable KOLs about how the presented information may impact their practice and patient care.

Additionally, Healio’s growing tech stack of data and journey mapping platforms also allows the company to identify user behavior, segment and target specific user audiences, and use predictive analytics to predict user interaction and experiences across web and email to further drive engagement.


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