PM360 2020 Innovative Service Field Coaching Report Analysis from Intouch Group

Field Coaching Report Analysis

Intouch Group

Justin Chase, EVP, Innovation & Media

It’s no secret pharma sales force access to physicians prior to the pandemic had been on a steady decline. When COVID-19 began to spread, understandably, the doors of physician practices closed to nearly all pharma reps. Experts believe that some level of this restricted access will continue. In this realm of limited access, it’s critical for reps to know whether their messages are resonating with HCPs. Further, sales leadership needs tools and resources that optimize processes to provide representatives with feedback and coaching while they pivot to meet the ever-changing needs of HCPs​.

To help one client address this conundrum, Intouch used its proprietary AI platform, Cognitive Core, to ingest field coaching reports, analyze for programmatic and event criteria, and produce directional insights for sales leadership and management teams. After Cognitive Core ingested field report data to train the AI model and align specific language, a deep content analysis using natural language processing and machine learning was conducted to identify themes, recognize patterns, and analyze gaps. Then, a custom, action-oriented vocabulary—correlated to the client’s program to improve coaching and selling behaviors—was developed for the client. Finally, a highly adaptive framework powered by AI and refined to help coaches was created.

These solution-oriented consulting services ultimately offered the client recommended tactics to optimize the field experience while maximizing the suite of CRM tools using AI. Additionally, Intouch also provided best practices to keep reps ahead of the curve. While this was just for one client, Intouch demonstrated the scalability of a solution that can keep reps in sync with their HCP customers, proving its applicability across multiple client organizations sharing similar models.


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