PM360 2020 Innovative Product TrialScope Connect from TrialScope

TrialScope Connect


Mike Wenger, Vice President of Patient Engagement

The pharmaceutical industry spends tremendous time, money, and resources trying to match patients with trials. Despite these efforts, seven out of 10 patients sent to a study site will screen fail. What’s worse, a quarter of all clinical studies close because they fail to meet enrollment targets—all while viable recruiting partners are often left on the sidelines.

To solve this challenge, TrialScope posed this question: How can we rethink the traditional patient recruiting model to make it better for everyone—sponsors, partners and, most importantly, patients?

The answer was TrialScope Connect, a radical shift in clinical trial recruitment, focusing on collaboration versus competition. Launched in October 2019, this referral collective brings together a broad range of over 75 vetted stakeholders—recruitment companies, advocacy groups, and healthcare organizations—to better match patients to clinical trials simultaneously. Here, sponsors broaden their recruitment funnel by tapping into a network of prequalified partners to improve referral quality and expedite study startup, with the risk-free assurance of a pay-per-performance model that focuses on results rather than effort.

TrialScope Connect uses built-in prescreeners earlier in the process to zero in on the most qualified study participants, then connects them directly to sites, bypassing potential delays of a centralized triage inbox.

With real-time analytics and a multi-pronged verification process, sponsors and recruiters don’t have to chase patients or sites for confirmation of enrollment, and can monitor daily activity reports to offer early intervention when specific sites become overwhelmed.

With global reach to millions of patients across therapeutic and geographic areas, TrialScope Connect helps connect the dots for clinical trial recruitment and make better health possible for people around the world.


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