PM360 2020 Innovative Product prognosFACTOR from Prognos Health


Prognos Health

Theresa Greco, Chief Commercial Officer

Prognos has been a pioneer in transforming lab test results from numeric and semantic content into highly scalable insights. In 2020, the company launched prognosFACTOR, a platform built to ingest, store, harmonize, and manage massive amounts of various types of healthcare data in a HIPAA-compliant environment. The analytics on the platform are powered by healthLOGIC, Prognos’ proprietary data technology that queries vast amounts of patient-centric data instantaneously for its use in commercial applications.

No big data query technologies addressed patient-centric analyses that account for the fact that one patient’s history has no dependency on that of another patient, and Prognos’ requirement to have concurrent processing at speed and scale. Prognos developed healthLOGIC to solve this challenge. Most data technologies fall apart when attempting to partition data for 325+ million patients, but Prognos engineered healthLOGIC in a way that a particular patient can be accessed without a scan or key lookup which reduced query latency and ensured greater clinical specificity.

The ability to rapidly design and iterate cohorts, as well as study patient journeys as data becomes available, is crucial to commercial excellence and ultimately getting the right treatment to the right patient and the right provider at the right time. Prognos’ pharma customers have the option to harness this innovation via prognosFACTOR applications or directly through its platform via API (powered by healthLOGIC). This technology gives HEOR and brand teams the ability to query test results integrated with other healthcare data from hundreds of U.S. commercial, educational, and research labs as well as Medical and Rx claims from large data sources in minutes versus months, significantly impacting commercial launch and post launch brand performance.


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