PM360 2020 Innovative Product Instant Health Data (IHD) Data Science Module from Panalgo

Instant Health Data (IHD) Data Science Module


Patty Kellicker, Vice President, Marketing

In today’s landscape, it’s crucial to respond to marketing and competitive challenges quickly and agilely. Rapid, scalable analytics can help provide that competitive edge. As a healthcare analytics company, Panalgo is known within the pharma and life sciences industries for its flagship Instant Health Data (IHD) Analytics software. IHD, which is purpose-built for healthcare, helps commercial leaders successfully launch and manage their brands by providing speed to insights from anonymous patient longitudinal analyses.

The past decade has seen an explosion in the availability of digital healthcare data. And yet, for many pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, a lack of experienced analysts and/or data scientists is a significant barrier to leveraging the available data to generate actionable insights. IHD allows teams to efficiently scale their analytics capabilities by putting advanced analytics into the hands of technical and non-technical staff, without the need to understand data structures and detailed algorithms.

In September 2020, Panalgo launched its Data Science module for the IHD platform, which enables healthcare researchers to easily leverage machine learning to uncover novel health insights in real-world data sets without the need for extensive coding. With its advanced machine learning capabilities, the module further extends the capabilities of the IHD platform, helping healthcare organizations to better predict treatment effectiveness and patient response, uncover reasons for medication non-adherence, identify diseases earlier, and many more novel insights.

Leveraging structured data and offering access to over a dozen global healthcare data sets, the platform is being used to assess the value of medical products based on real-world data, helping analytics teams from diverse disciplines generate evidence on how medical advances can improve patients’ health.


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