PM360 2020 Innovative Division Sprout Behaviour Change and Sprout Health Outcomes of Sprout Health Solutions

Sprout Behaviour Change and Sprout Health Outcomes

Sprout Health Solutions

Sarah Clifford, Partner

Drs. Lina Eliasson and Christina Jackson saw a gap in the global healthcare market for robust, theory-driven strategies and programs to improve the lives of people navigating long-term health conditions. In 2017, the UK-based behavioral scientists founded Sprout to address that gap across a range of therapeutic areas including rare disease, hematology, and gastroenterology. Sprout expanded into the U.S. in 2019 with the appointment of a new partner, Dr. Sarah Clifford, a behavioral scientist who brings expertise in health outcomes and patient-focused drug development strategies.

Sprout’s services fall under two main divisions. Sprout Behaviour Change is the company’s original core offering, which uses a real-world approach, grounded in evidence-based models, to produce scalable patient and HCP support solutions to improve health by changing individual behaviors, and is adaptable to any platform. Meanwhile, Sprout Health Outcomes applies the same principles to help industry partners accurately reflect the patient experience to improve clinical trial endpoint strategies.

The two divisions also share a dynamic relationship. Expertise in patient-reported outcomes (PROs) adds depth to the evaluation of behavior change programs, increasing the chance that they measure the most appropriate outcomes in the right way and increasing likelihood of acceptance for peer-reviewed publication. Likewise, behavior change methods improve Sprout’s health outcomes work by informing its understanding of patients as well as their families and caregivers, which is central to regulatory calls for more patient-focused drug development.

By combining the freshest thinking from the academic world with a solid understanding of the regulatory, financial, and timeline pressures of industry, the Sprout team designs and delivers programs for improved health and regulatory success worldwide.


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