PM360 2020 Innovative Division Science Foundry of The Bloc

Science Foundry

The Bloc

Ane Jones, Managing Director

Launched in September of this year by health creative agency The Bloc, the Science Foundry is a new medical communications practice area that merges deep scientific expertise with applied behavioral psychology research. The division was created, in part, to help clients generate content that will stand out among the deluge of information about medical breakthroughs and advances.

Eighty-four percent of doctors report that the quantity of data being generated makes it difficult to apply research advances to their clinical practice. Because information overload can lead to difficulty in making decisions, the Science Foundry develops content that is designed to be easier to process, remember, and retrieve—with the added benefit that it drives decisions. The team’s method is derived from applied behavioral psychology research that has been proven to improve trust, confidence, and preference for one choice over another.

Rather than simply transmitting information, the Science Foundry considers its audience’s receiving frequency as well. Senior team members are involved across all offerings, including scientific narratives, lexicons, peer-to-peer decks, disease education, clinical trial recruitment, and KOL videos—to ensure that effectiveness principles are consistently applied.

As part of The BlocPartners, a larger global network of independent agencies, the Science Foundry offers clients a global reach across 33 markets and the expertise of MDs, PhDs, PharmDs, and medical writers. Leadership of the group includes Barbara LePetri, MD (medical and scientific), Kim Barke, PhD, MFA (creative), Ane Jones as Managing Director, and Allison Kramer (account).


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