PM360 2020 Innovative Company The Inception Company

The Inception Company

Matt Giegerich, CEO

Shaun Urban, President 

As companies were forced to rethink their engagement strategies during COVID-19, The Inception Company knew its virtual engagement platform, Pando, would deliver the highly immersive, engaging, and interactive experience clients were seeking. However, since Pando integrates a live studio production with remote participants, the company had to make some changes. The studio was disinfected and all guidelines were followed to conduct business in a safe and healthy way. That included limiting the total number of people in the studio to five and requiring the studio crew to transition much of the technology from in-studio to remote. The company also offered options for in-person moderators to accommodate client requests when policies precluded client travel.

As its web conference business exploded and the number of engagements quadrupled, the company adapted again by introducing a self-serve version of its facilitated web conferences to give clients multiple options to meet their objectives. The team also converted webcasting to enable a 100% remote option by creating a production kit that captures the high-quality video of a remote subject. REDI-Kit is a sanitized hardware kit delivered by a Production Assistant who manages the white-glove drop-off. The speaker is then guided through the setup and production process by a media professional and returns the kit when finished.

Lastly, while The Inception Company has always executed hybrid meetings, combining virtual events with live meeting services, the company has put an intensified focus on the hybrid meetings of the future as they become a staple in the meeting and event landscape. The company will continue to innovate and manage the production and technology so clients can focus on their content and stakeholder audiences.


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