PM360 2020 Innovative Company InStep Health

InStep Health

Kathleen Bonetti, EVP Marketing

Following the February 2020 acquisition of Brandperx by Rx EDGE, a rebranding initiative was launched and the two companies came together to become InStep Health in May 2020. By combining Rx EDGE’s proprietary network of 24,000+ pharmacies with Brandperx’s reach at nearly 190,000 HCP offices, InStep Health now gives branded Rx treatments the ability to connect with prospective patients as they attempt to self-treat with OTC medications (which 81% of patients do), and before they consult with a physician. Furthermore, InStep Health can target patients that index at high levels against a specific condition and do it at scale across all 50 states.

InStep Health also added to its capabilities with a new suite of data-driven digital solutions. The company created a digital-to-physical continuum that spans patient visits to their local pharmacy, doctor’s appointments, home, and work in the normal course of maintaining their health. This approach starts with SDK-derived geolocation data of visitation to more than 220,000 InStep Health network locations. Leading-edge algorithmic Audience Models then pinpoint only the most appropriate point of care visitors for digital follow-up, based on more than 4,000 targeting attributes. Additionally, the company can pair digital and email coverage on a one-to-one individual basis to nearly every single physician and HCP that opts into its in-office programs. The company can also target opted-in HCPs via programmatic inventory as they access the internet on work and personal desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

This has helped InStep to amplify results for its clients. For a migraine product, the integration of digital messaging added a 32% Rx lift to an already successful in-store media display program, proving the efficacy of a dual-channel approach.


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