PM360 2020 Innovative Company Inhance Digital

Inhance Digital

Maziar Farzam, President & CEO

Like everyone, Inhance Digital saw the crippling effect of COVID-19 and the subsequent collapse of traditional tradeshows and congress events. Luckily the company had already been working to make virtual events more engaging with a web-based solution.

Inhance’s Virtual Exhibit and Event Platform (VEEP™) allows companies to develop a virtual presence for annual industry events using native web-based technologies that are mobile friendly and don’t require any plugins or downloads. VEEP™ can replicate a physical booth in a virtual 3D space, complete with corporate branding and access to existing literature and marketing/sales collateral via an intuitive CMS backend. Furthermore, digital features include live text and video chat, secure real-time collaboration rooms powered by ZOOM, and live video streaming powered by IBM Watson. Integrated calendar/scheduler features allow HCP visitors to connect with medical science liaisons and sales reps in the platform when they want and in the safety of their own home.

VEEP™ is not intended as a replacement for physical events, but a way to augment them. Pharma and life science customers can extend their congress footprint using VEEP™ even as we head back into in-person meetings or use the platform to support micro-events as a way to re-double the conversation with their core audience.

Another innovative feature of VEEP™ is the ability to track every user’s journey through the virtual experience, seeing what pieces or literature they read, what videos they watched, and how long they spent in any area of the virtual experience. Current data shows the level of engagement for these digital VEEP™ websites is quite high in terms of both dwell times and pages per session.


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