PM360 2020 Innovative Company Curatio


Jeff Wandzura, Chief Growth Officer

The onset of COVID-19 has resulted in an increasing number of patients who have been isolated and dealing with their therapies alone. As the creators of a mobile platform billed as the world’s first social health prescription, Curatio is using its peer-to-peer health technology to help patients get through this difficult time.

Curatio offers life sciences clients support in building global privacy and regulatory compliant peer-to-peer platforms designed for healthcare. In response to COVID-19 and working in conjunction with a division of Canadian health authority, Interior Health, as well as in partnership with several leading hospitals and payers, Curatio developed a dedicated “Stronger Together” patient social networking platform designed for pre- and post-surgery patients in the Joint Replacement patient group.

Participants have access to week-by-week evidence-based virtual care programs designed to improve patient health literacy, confidence, and outcomes. They also have access to peer-to-peer social support, secure at-home remote monitoring of key vitals via the Cloud DX Connected Health Kit, and virtual one-on-one coaching from nurses and experts in Curatio’s social health network.

For the “Stronger Together” program, through a three-week period of usage, all participants demonstrated positive increase in use of the platform with a significant escalation in patient participation over time and a total of 92% patient satisfaction.

Curatio’s solutions bridge the social side of the patient journey while staying within regulatory requirements. Life sciences companies benefit from a wealth of data to be gathered both at the aggregate and granular level using Curatio’s data assessment model or integrating additional analytics. Currently, Curatio is working with pharmaceutical companies globally and has community outreach in more than 100 countries.


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