PM360 2020 Innovative Company CMI/Compas


Justin Freid, Chief Growth & Innovation Officer

CMI/Compas (individually known as CMI Media and Compas, Inc.) is a family of companies with a focus on media planning and buying in the healthcare space. In order to formalize innovation within the organization, the company launched a dedicated Growth & Innovation practice led by Justin Freid. One of the most recent products to come out of this practice is Empower.

Launched in April 2020, Empower allows CMI/Compas to close the loop on integrated consumer/HCP audience planning, messaging, and outreach, making campaigns more effective. The platform offers cross-audience customer universe identification, segmentation, media planning, activation, measurement, and on-going people-based optimization. It can also create audiences from more than 265 million consumers and 1.5 million HCPs across 26 physician specialties, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, RNs, pharmacists, medical students, and other prescribers.

For example, when a client was looking to engage with people who may be interested in a specific oncology treatment while also being respectful of the sensitive nature of said course of treatment, CMI/Compas turned to Empower. CMI/Compas built specific audiences derived from more than 2,000 data attributes based on age, gender, ethnicity, household data, non-sensitive health risk factors, and co-morbidities. Research determined the optimal audience age ranged between 50s and 60s, at different life stages. The data also uncovered regional incidence at the state level. By then geo-targeting at common Zip 3 level (the first three digits of a zip code), the team was able to cluster their consumer audience to the brand’s HCP target list by location. Ultimately, this allowed CMI/Compas to filter down a 12 million consumer audience to a refined target audience of 1.1 million consumers.


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