PM360 2020 Innovative Company Bionical Solutions

Bionical Solutions

Mike Viscel, President

Bionical Solutions has been providing engagement platforms to pharma companies for 18 years. Driven by the needs of a “socially distanced world,” the company innovated, improved, and extended the Bionical Engagement Experience through both new and existing offerings.

Integrated within VEEVA, Bionical’s flagship MED Select platform empowers sales representatives and HCPs to co-create meaningful patient education, aligned with their practice, customized for their patients, and personalized to their counseling priorities. As COVID-19 forced a shift in daily activities and behaviors, Bionical developed new channels within MED Select for rep/HCP engagement to seamlessly accommodate blended approaches for personal, non-personal, and virtual program touchpoints. The platforms can be launched virtually via VEEVA ENGAGE and allow HCPs to provide relevant patient education before, during, or after telehealth appointments as immersive multi-media resources.

Meanwhile, the KOL Select platform allows sales representatives to deliver customized, regionalized, and personalized Peer-to-Peer education in collaboration with their customers. KOL Select is used virtually within VEEVA ENGAGE to target and deliver relevant topics aligned with HCP segmentation, preferences, and geographic location.

Most recently, Bionical launched three new digital platforms this year: WEB Select, MED Select: Video, and Rep Select. They have been developed to offer stakeholders the flexibility to deliver information either in-person or virtually, based on social distancing mandates in their respective states. WEB Select and MED Select: Video provide HCPs with highly customized and personalized education to be delivered to patients during telehealth visits and created by their most trusted resource—their healthcare provider.

Recent MED Select analytics showed a 26% increase in total prescriptions and over 13 minutes of rep-HCP engagement time for a top five pharma company in medical practices where MED Select was deployed.


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