PM360 2019 Trailblazer Awards Video/TV Campaign Winner Regeneron and Intouch Solutions

A Beautiful Pair (Regeneron, Intouch Solutions)

The “A Beautiful Pair” campaign aimed to bring EYLEA, Regeneron’s drug therapy for certain retinal diseases, to those who are currently dealing with a difficult eye condition that could cause them to miss out on life’s moments, potentially lose their independence, and would require treatment decisions. In order to find the best way to motivate these patients to take control of their vision and lifestyle, Intouch Solutions carried out robust research and planning. Every patient audience factor was assessed, as was extensive qualitative feedback from all players involved (KOLs, HCPs, and sales force). When all was said and done, the strategic insight was simple: Fear is a powerful emotion, but love is even stronger. “A Beautiful Pair” focuses on the latter.

This emotional message is delivered via stop motion animation: 1,600 still photos were stitched together seamlessly in a powerful 60-second TV commercial. Each setting, character, and item was built from scratch, and the activities portrayed are based on all the things research indicates the target audience enjoys participating in. Additionally, important details like color combinations and speed of movement were carefully designed to accommodate those with retinal disease.

In just six months, “A Beautiful Pair” exceeded the expected ROI by three times, saw a 565% increase in website visits YOY, an 84% increase in website downloads YOY, 3.8M+ YouTube channel impressions, and a 75% increase in CRM signups. The campaign delivers treatment awareness to people who have wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD) and diabetic macular edema (DME), as well as the caregivers of those with these retinal diseases. Leveraging behavioral-based data and attitudinal segmentations, “A Beautiful Pair” inspires people frightened by their disease to stand up and fight for their vision.


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