PM360 2019 Trailblazer Awards Silver Marketing Team of the Year Paragard Marketing Team

Paragard Marketing Team

CooperSurgical, Inc.

Agency Partners: Condé Nast and RXMOSAIC

CooperSurgical Team:

  • Ann Peets, VP, Marketing, Global Medical Devices
  • Carolyn Paolucci, Senior Brand Manager
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Mara Define, Marketing Consultant
  • Kerry Blair, Chief Operating Officer
  • Holly Sheffield, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Cheryl Bogardus, Executive Vice President, Market Development and Corporate Communications
  • Matt Donnelly, Vice President of Contraceptive Business Unit, Corporate Accounts and Commercial Operations

Condé Nast Team:

  • Melissa Consorte, VP, Sales, Health
  • Laurie Nunziata, Account Director, Health Industry Sales
  • Rory Mycek, Activation Manager
  • Carla Horrilleno, Director, Beauty Marketing
  • Francesca DePalma, Executive Director, Beauty Marketing


  • James Ferber, Group Creative Director
  • Erica Nadboy, Sr. Vice President
  • Lily Hoffman, Associate Creative Director
  • Kirby Cobb, Associate Creative Director
  • Dani Kirsch, Sr. Account Supervisor
  • Jackie Ziegler, Account Supervisor
  • Lisa Prywes, Sr. Account Executive
  • Chelsea Brown Ferguson, Account Executive
Bottom, left to right: Jackie Ziegler, Dani Kirsch, Lisa Prywes, and Melissa Consorte. Top, left to right: Laurie Nunziata, Chelsea Brown Ferguson, Francesca DePalma, Carla Horrilleno, and Rory Mycek.

For the past 28 years, Glamour’s Women of the Year (WOTY) event has honored women who refuse to wait for someone else to make things better, which made it the perfect place to reintroduce Paragard to (the many) women looking for simple, hormone-free pregnancy prevention.

A recent study of over 1,000 U.S. women revealed that more than two-thirds have concerns or are against hormones in their birth control, and over 50% are not aware of prescription birth control methods that are hormone-free. CooperSurgical’s Paragard (intrauterine copper contraceptive) is the only 100% hormone-free IUD that uses just one simple active ingredient to prevent pregnancy over 99% of the time. To help spread awareness, the brand team knew they needed a high-impact partner and chose Condé Nast because of the company’s longstanding history of bringing together female voices.

CooperSurgical and Condé Nast then worked alongside of RXMOSAIC, the communications agency for Paragard, to use Glamour’s WOTY Summit and Awards as the launch event for the new Paragard campaign. Together they developed a reimagined vision for communicating the benefits of hormone-free birth control—including a complete rebrand, a website overhaul, and nationwide advertising campaign. It was all to let women know that Paragard, as the hormone-free birth control, “lets you be you.”

An Eventful Three Days

WOTY takes place over the course of three days. To kick off their presence at the summit, the Paragard Marketing Team teamed up with an iconic New York graffiti artist to create a collaborative and memorable experience where more than 40 women co-created a mural celebrating the moments in life when women put themselves and their reproductive choices at the forefront. A livestream of the mural development on Glamour’s Instagram channel reached more than 20,000 people, and the colorful installation proved to be an in-demand photography opportunity that compelled the 600 people in attendance to share their on-site experiences on social media. To ensure brand exposure beyond the summit, hundreds of attendees received custom-branded copper compact mirrors, reinforcing how Paragard works differently by using copper instead of hormones.

The marketing team partnered with an iconic New York graffiti artist to create a collaborative experience where more than 40 women co-created a mural celebrating the moments in life when women put themselves and their reproductive choices at the forefront.

On Day 2, Glamour’s Editor-in-Chief, Samantha Barry, delivered a powerful speech about the importance of “putting yourself first,” especially when it comes to assessing reproductive options. She spoke about Paragard as the only birth control option that gives women everything they want without the hormones they don’t want and advised the audience—and the thousands of Facebook livestream participants—to “be informed, be empowered, and make the choices that are right for you, no matter what anybody else thinks. And when it comes to reproductive freedom, we hope you’ll join Glamour in our fight to make sure your decisions about your sexual health are made by you.”

Finally, for the WOTY Awards on Day 3, which honors trailblazing women across the globe and was attended by over 650 people, the marketing team debuted a custom, Paragard-branded installation. A “hall of mirrors” with inspiring quotes about female empowerment, reproductive health choices, and the power to live hormone-free allowed over 400 attendees to literally reflect on themselves, while also capturing and sharing their “Instagrammable” moment using “#paragard.”

A Social Reach

To broaden the reach beyond the event, Condé Nast shared three dedicated images and videos from the Paragard WOTY experience on Glamour’s Instagram, reaching 1.6 million people and garnering nearly 2,000 interactions, as well as one tweet, which reached 1.5 million followers. And to amplify brand messaging even further, Paragard enlisted two influencers to share their experiences at the summit. Sexologist Shan Boodram and mommy blogger Ilana Wiles posted real-time summit content, reaching an audience of more than one million.

Overall, the efforts increased average daily visits to by 12% during WOTY, compared to the daily visitor average from the entire month. And the partnership among the three companies allowed CooperSurgical and Paragard to access strong female thought leaders who continue to explore their power as female change-makers.


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