PM360 2019 Trailblazer Awards Persistence/Adherence Program Winner Intercept Pharmaceuticals and Atlantis Healthcare

Interconnect Support Services Patient Support Program (Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Atlantis Healthcare)

When Intercept received approval for the first treatment introduced in 20 years to treat primary biliary cholangitis (PBC), they knew in-depth research and a robust strategy was needed to help patients with this complicated disease get the most out of their treatment. Atlantis Healthcare delivered.

PBC is a chronic liver disease with no known cause that leads to progressive degeneration of the bile ducts. While the disease has no cure, Ocaliva is a treatment that supports patients to manage the condition long term.

Atlantis carried out health psychology research and applied behavioral science to design and deliver a Patient Support Program (PSP). The PSP was designed for people who are prescribed and begin treatment with Ocaliva to manage PBC, and who are enrolled in Interconnect Support Services—Intercept’s hub services.

Atlantis started their research by talking to patients and their HCPs. They discovered that a lack of understanding around the condition and treatment, and uniqueness of each person’s experience with PBC, were all having a negative impact on adherence. Research also uncovered that adherence barriers and support needs change throughout a patient’s treatment journey, and communication preferences vary. This led to the design of a 12-month, multichannel, personalized journey featuring emails, SMS, phone calls from Care Coordinators, web-based activities, and direct mail. Atlantis’ proprietary CRM allowed the team to measure changes in beliefs and perceptions about PBC and Ocaliva over time to adjust and evolve the program.

Survey data demonstrates that patients enrolled in the program continue to improve their understanding of PBC and their ability to manage their treatment routine over time. Those in the personalized support stream had significantly higher persistency rates than patients not enrolled. The program resonates with the patients Atlantis and Intercept set out to support—92% of participants indicated they were very satisfied with the program services when surveyed at 12 months.


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