PM360 2019 Trailblazer Awards Gold Supplier/Vendor of the Year Health Monitor Network

A trusted fixture in medical offices for more than 35 years, Health Monitor Network (HM) is committed to improving clinical outcomes, fostering adherence, enhancing patient-provider dialogue, and promoting health literacy via our stable of award-winning, medically reviewed patient-education print, digital, and mobile products. HM’s highly respected content, which reaches tens of millions of condition sufferers through a network of 200,000+ medical offices and 400,000+ HCPs nationwide, is often co-branded and/or distributed by many of the country’s leading medical associations, societies, and patient-advocacy organizations. Whether it’s being at the forefront of point of care’s evolution into digital or developing new platforms to further enhance the patient/HCP engagement, HM continues to lead the industry.

Health Monitor Network, the preeminent patient-engagement company in the U.S., has produced the industry’s most effective patient-education products and solutions for over 35 years. The company remains passionately committed to delivering award-winning KOL-approved original content through effective media channels that continue to facilitate meaningful patient-HCP dialogue.


  • HM remains the leader in patient engagement solutions and award-winning patient education products. Their digital exam room posters are unique patient-education tools designed to facilitate an effective and engaging dialogue between patients and healthcare professionals. The units are prominently installed in thousands of doctors’ offices across the U.S.
  • Throughout 2018, HM invested heavily in innovating their digital technology offerings. The company rolled out mobile apps designed and customized to a specific disease state or medical condition, such as Migraine Monitor and RA Monitor. In 2019, HM further reinforced its commitment to technology and innovation through the hiring of the company’s first Chief Technology Officer, William Saint John.

Talent Development

  • HM has both a duty and responsibility to its mission to grow and develop people at every level of its organization. In 2019, HM introduced an employee development program called, Health Monitor University. The program provides professional Learning & Development Opportunities to every single employee. Course topics are fluid and will change to meet changing business and developmental needs.
  • Employees can take part in HMN or “Healthy Me Now”—a Q3 2019 Wellness initiative which combines programs in stress reduction, meditation, physical fitness, weight reduction, and self-defense.

Social Responsibility

  • Health Monitor Network CEO, Ken Freirich, leads MedROCK, a 501.3c nonprofit musical group that performs benefit concerts for philanthropy. They recently performed a benefit concert for The Who’s charity, Teen Cancer America.
  • HM supports numerous corporate fundraisers. The company funds employee-led and/or organized initiatives to support various local and business-related endeavors.
  • HM continues to support local programs that involve food drives, charitable donations, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc. The company works closely with Association partners to reinforce the initiatives that are important to them. That support can come in the form of donations, promotions, and joint execution.


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