PM360 2019 Trailblazer Awards Diversity/Multicultural Brand Champion Elizabeth Rosato

Elizabeth Rosato, Repatha Consumer Marketing, Amgen

The Repatha Hispanic market campaign is reaching new heights in the pharma industry and Elizabeth Rosato has been the true champion behind this highly successful multicultural campaign.

Elizabeth’s drive led the brand team to understand the analytics and strategy behind the Hispanic market for heart disease. As a result, the brand established a perfect balance of retaining overall brand essence while providing a strong level of acculturation specific to the target audience. This includes original photography consisting of culturally relevant scenes as well as nuanced content across all digital assets based on core market insights. The digital media campaign drew the Hispanic consumer in through an original rich media display that would ultimately lead to a fully acculturated Hispanic site for Repatha.

Importantly, this means the site creative as well as the UX/structure has clear distinctions compared to the general market campaign and is not a direct replica nor a translation of the general market site, a common practice in pharma. Bottom line, the site is optimized for U.S. Hispanics—and that makes all the difference. The overall performance of the Repatha Hispanic digital site has been very strong—driven by the display campaign—and as a whole has been a true brand driver.

It was ultimately Elizabeth’s strong leadership in moving this campaign forward, between building the strategy and guiding the analytics with upper management and working across the pharma internal matrix to coordinate the effort across stakeholders. In the end, not only did the brand benefit, but even more importantly, patient impact has been significant.


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