PM360 2019 Innovative Strategy Performance-Driven Medical Education from MedThink Communications

Performance-Driven Medical Education

MedThink Communications

Hilary Carson, Director, Client Partnerships

MedThink Communications is dedicated to shifting current HCP behavior using advanced solutions that create value for clients. Developed over the previous year and launched in 2019, Performance-Driven Medical Education (PDME) is a strategic approach that is transforming siloed medical education and promotion.

PDME, an education-first idea, applies marketing principles to medical education and medical education principles to marketing. This model helps pharma and biotech companies take advantage of every opportunity with providers who want education and fewer interruptions during their day. In fact, 70% of physicians say it’s crucial that pharma companies provide educational resources rooted in science.

Effective medical education is more than a few dinner meetings or symposia—it’s strategic engagement that facilitates the transfer of vital knowledge and fosters dialogue that enables HCPs to help their patients live healthier lives. Enhanced by technology, MedThink’s integrated approach harmonizes medical education and promotional communications in order to shift behavior by uniting science, storytelling, and behavioral science. Based in credible science, PDME harnesses adult learning principles and behavioral science to foster trust, improve recall, and compel action.

MedThink builds PDME programs around targeted audiences and educational concepts that value the provider first and understand that behavior will follow as attitudes shift. Advanced content development and AI-enhanced delivery tools improve impact, and behavioral science-based strategies of key educational messaging are incorporated into outreach to reinforce content over time and ensure easier recall. Humans forget approximately 50% of new information they encounter within an hour, and an average of 70% within a day. This is why “one-and-done” programs are not effective. Ultimately, PDME transforms behaviors, and progress is measured along a scale to assess immediate impact, short-term attitude shifts, and long-term behavioral changes.


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