PM360 2019 Innovative Strategy Moments of Care from Outcome Health

Moments of Care™

Outcome Health

Matt McNally, CEO  

In pharma marketing, the role of most channels is to encourage patients to go to their doctor. However, the point of care channel is different. Patients are already at their doctor’s office, so shouldn’t the content and resources reflect that? Outcome Health conducted extensive research to understand what patients, caregivers, and providers truly need at the point of care. The company discovered that they all want more personalization in the content that’s available, and that content must be tailored to each device, to the unique capabilities of each device, and the unique needs of the patient and HCP at that moment.

As remote care, remote monitoring, and telemedicine become an integral part of the care continuum, Outcome believes that innovation needs to transcend the physical offices and devices—the industry needs to support patients at “Moments of CareTM.” This new strategy allows Outcome to create a more empathetic patient experience and a better doctor-patient relationship.

This transition from “point of care” to “Moments of Care” prompted Outcome to launch a campaign around this shifting paradigm. In September, the company announced In These Rooms to reveal the raw, authentic emotions and range of experiences that can happen at the point of care. Ranging from the joy of hearing a baby’s heartbeat for the first time, to the devastation that a treatment plan isn’t working, this video demonstrates that every experience at the point of care is unique—therefore, empathy must be at the core of everything that we do.

With In These Rooms, Outcome is challenging the industry to create content and experiences that wrap patients with empathy, education, and support at the “Moments of Care” when they are most vulnerable and most in need.


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