PM360 2019 Innovative Startup QBFox Healthcomm

QBFox Healthcomm

Steve Viviano, CEO

QBFox Healthcomm set up shop in 2018 and quickly saw an unmet need in the marketplace: Early-stage biotechs (and their CEOs) had high-level communications needs but with limited budgets and no internal commercial team on board yet, they were struggling for solutions. QBFox became that solution, bringing their innovative approach and senior team directly to biotech C-Suites to help them move from the R&D phase into commercialization.

At that crucial point in time, the needs are big, and the questions are thorny. Does the company have a clear, articulated vision? Is the company properly named? How should the core of the company—its technology—be expressed? What are the investors thinking? Led by CEO Steve Viviano, Chief Creative Officer Chet Moss, and Chief Medical Officer Stacy Patterson—a group who had collaborated at ICC Lowe for over 15 years—QBFox employs their well-vetted BrandStand approach at this critical transition for their clients.

For instance, when Macrolide Therapeutics’ new CEO set course on a new strategic direction beyond antibiotics and towards rare diseases, he obviously needed a new name. QBFox renamed the company Zikani Therapeutics, a nod to the “rare” Zikani butterfly. They then created a unique graphic representation of the company’s technology and Mechanism of Action, making it iconically resemble a butterfly. Armed with QBFox’s new branding in their offices and on their website, this CEO and his senior team have coalesced around their new strategic direction and are confidently moving forward.

So far, QBFox has applied that same BrandStand process three more times with other early-stage biotechs establishing an innovative approach where their thinking is making a substantial difference.


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