PM360 2019 Innovative Startup Aurochs Software

Aurochs Software

Amit Jain, Director of Operations

Founded in September 2014, Aurochs Software provides a sales incentive management solution suite and services that enable the global healthcare industry to take control of their incentive compensation (IC) function in the most efficient and effective way. The solution suite includes five modules:

  • IC Calculation Engine: Sales incentive engine featuring built-in business workflow with an intuitive interface, healthcare industry standard incentive compensation plan components, metrics, data structure, and functional requirements.
  • RepEye Business Intelligence Platform: An integrated iPad compatible business intelligence platform for field use with out-of-the-box performance report, “what-if” calculator, and internationalization capability.
  • Quota Manager: Self-managed quota setting tool with built-in commonly used quota setting methodologies including non-sales based potential parameters with capability to test territory-product level goals.
  • MBO Manager: Self service module to set, track, and rate non-sales based KPIs with built-in approval workflow and discussion/commenting capability.
  • IC Health Tracker: Plan fairness audit tool to perform periodic assessment of IC plans using descriptive summary statistics, visualizations, and industry standard performance indicators.

Overall, this IC suite of solutions provides end-to-end automation and a one-stop operational cockpit that make monthly processing very clear and highly efficient. An integrated data management module can be leveraged to draw data from source systems, perform data cleansing operations, and apply complex business rules to input data in an automated manner negating manual intervention in this area often fraught with errors. And the intuitive design and easy-to-follow functional dashboards enable business users from client teams to setup, modify, process, and administer their sales incentive plans without being dependent on external consultant-led projects. Clients have experienced 75% faster roll out using the platform and up to 70% lower cost of ownership.


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