PM360 2019 Innovative Service Condition Explorer from Health Union

Condition Explorer

Health Union

David Shronk, Senior VP, Media

Segmentation studies, along with validated typing tools, have long been used and trusted as a means for exposing and matching the right content with the right audience to drive a specific action or behavior. With the growing popularity of online personality quizzes and the affinity toward taking polls and surveys on many of its online health communities, Health Union launched a new tool in September 2019 to connect pharma brands and their target audiences, the Condition Explorer.

Condition Explorer takes the typing tool concept and expands its utility and impact by leveraging it for various online health communities where Health Union has a vast archive of editorial content—more than 6,000 original pieces per year across all of its communities. Condition Explorer includes a series of questions designed to identify and profile specific audience segments within a given condition, according to psychographic and behavioral criteria. Based on their responses, community users are directed to a customized content hub where they can easily find a variety of content—stories, polls, articles, infographics, and more—that have been specifically curated for people like them. Each Condition Explorer “results” hub contains customized imagery and a collection of content from the community’s deep editorial library that represent the unique aspects of a patient journey for people with those characteristics.

Simultaneously, Condition Explorer enables advertising partners to target their advertising messages more effectively to the right audiences. Different ads can be displayed to each segment’s content hub, creating opportunities for tailored creative and sequential messaging for different audiences. This capability is particularly valuable for companies with a portfolio of products within the same condition who want to ensure they are engaging the most appropriate audiences for each therapy.


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