PM360 2019 Innovative Service Cognitive Core from Intouch Group

Cognitive Core

Intouch Group

Justin Chase, EVP/Head, Innovation & Media

Cognitive Core is Intouch’s proprietary machine-learning AI engine, built by a dedicated innovation team specifically for pharma and uniquely capable of supporting dynamic marketing automation, while addressing the specific regulatory and compliance needs of the pharma industry. Each implementation of Cognitive Core is customized depending on client need.

In its first iteration, used to accompany a new drug launch in 2012, Cognitive Core could take typed text questions from an online form, deconstruct them into every possible variation, evaluate its known knowledge base for the set of content predicted to have the highest probability of answering the question, and deliver the result back to the user—all in a matter of seconds. Today, Cognitive Core has the ability to integrate with patient-support solutions to track information regarding its interactions; Salesforce systems such as Veeva; and a multitude of user experiences, from online banners to zero-UI interfaces such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

One example of Cognitive Core in action is EVA, Intouch’s “embedded virtual assistant.” EVA connects with Veeva to access a field sales rep’s calendar of appointments to obtain information about where they need to go and who they need to see. Cognitive Core makes it possible to:

  • Use machine learning and predictive models to focus on the patterns of thought and behaviors exposed through data, influence, and language.
  • Identify statistical trends and anomalies from converged data sources to parse micro-targets, conversation creators/shapers/movers, and the natural language of pharma.
  • Trigger the next best action a sales representative should take by combining data and applying business rules and data science methodologies.

The uses for Cognitive Core are nearly unlimited, and Intouch looks forward to developing new services and products powered by AI technology.


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