PM360 2019 Innovative Product Qollor from Watzan



Ainsley Cochrane, Insights Lead

Google now answers more than half of our questions, including “Where is the nearest Starbucks?” and “How long will it take me to get there?” Google can do this because they have unique data and are able to structure what’s out there and put it in the context we need, which ultimately saves us tremendous time. But pharma marketers ask the same kinds of questions that don’t have answers easily available on Google, like: “Where does my brand rank?” or “What does my community want?”

However, the data is out there. But even though pharma has invested heavily in analytics, answers to marketers’ most pressing questions tend to lag as they arrive in reports weeks, months, or years down the road. Watzan’s newest offering Qollor cuts down on the long and winding road to make data more “actionable.”

But Watzan didn’t want to build another tool that lives in the data silo. Marketers want to discuss ideas, answer questions, and take action. Qollor needed to be part of that protocol. So marketers can use Qollor to get their answers in three steps:

1) Define your audience. It could be very narrow, like immunotherapy for bladder cancer, or something as broad as diabetes.

2) Ask your questions. Is my audience dialed in this week? Did my clinical trial resonate at the major meeting? Which publications drive prescriptions? etc.

3) Send reports to my team. Send the answers to Ainsley, Meredith, and Xavier every Tuesday at 9 am.

And, that’s it. You can set it and forget it. We live in a world of questions. Qollor is the innovation that answers them.


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