PM360 2019 Innovative Product Linkt Location from Datacubed Health

Linkt Location

Datacubed Health

David Kiger, Chief Commercial Officer

The accurate detection of critical events, such as illnesses and hospitalizations, presents an ongoing challenge that can often lead to the failure of the project for sponsors of real-world evidence studies, clinical trials, and other health-related studies.

Datacubed Health’s Linkt Location app uses geolocation to ensure the accurate detection of critical events, even in very large cohorts, while simultaneously protecting participants’ privacy. Using a technology known as geofencing, Linkt Location accurately identifies participant interactions with healthcare providers. Employing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model, the app is installed on participants’ own smartphones which are loaded with detailed location information identifying places of interest such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare facilities. Geofencing identifies when a participant’s device enters one of these bounded geographic areas by processing WiFi, cell tower triangulation, and telemetric data locally on the device and comparing the location data stream to the geotagged locations. As participants move around the world, the geofenced locations are dynamically refreshed and replaced with new locations from the provider database.

When a participant visits a geofenced location, Linkt Location logs the event and automatically transmits information about the time, duration, facility name, and type of visit (inpatient vs. outpatient) to a case management dashboard. Notifications can be programmed to inform case managers that the participant may require follow-up and a push notification can be sent to the participant with a set of questions about the visit, either in a survey format or via a chatbot interface (e.g., “it looks like you visited a care facility, can you tell us more?”).


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