PM360 2019 Innovative Product Drug Efficacy and Patient Safety Analytics from Saama Technologies, Inc.

Drug Efficacy and Patient Safety Analytics

Saama Technologies, Inc.

Gregory T. Simpson, Vice President, Head of Marketing

In February 2019, Saama Technologies unveiled a new machine learning-based capability to extend the existing abilities of its award-winning Life Science Analytics Cloud (LSAC), which was launched in 2017. Drug Efficacy and Patient Safety Analytics is a new, state-of-the-art functionality for LSAC that is infused with AI to exponentially streamline the time and effort traditionally required to correlate patient profiles with data variables. With effective clinical data management and standardization, upwards of 50 variables can now be analyzed simultaneously by LSAC for immediate identification of patient outliers, versus the current, time-intensive process of trial staff manually examining only a few variables at a time.

This functionality is instrumental in ensuring that all the processes associated with patient safety and drug efficacy in clinical trials are always in alignment. Drug Efficacy and Patient Safety Analytics supports indication-specific, pre-trained models to identify riskier patients. And Drug Efficacy and Patient Safety Analytics makes it easier to monitor patient safety and assess the efficacy of the drug being tested, enabling researchers to identify previously undetectable patient deviations, as well as potential corresponding safety and efficacy issues, sooner than ever before.

The traditional approach to processing patient data requires many programmers creating monolithic SAS programs for each protocol and each data update. Saama leveraged a meta-data approach and employed AI/ML mapping, which resulted in near real-time Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) datasets ready for analytics. Saama estimates that this new capability will result in an approximately 30% savings in clinical trial staff time and effort by rendering the need to rely on manual data analysis obsolete.

Going forward, Drug Efficacy and Patient Safety Analytics will also become an integral part of the Clinical Insights solution formulated after Saama’s acquisition of Comprehend Systems, Inc.


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