PM360 2019 Innovative Product Digital POC Solution from Semcasting

Digital POC Solution


Matthew Hedberg, VP, General Manager, Professional Services  

Traditional point of care (POC) campaigns are limited by the production, approval and distribution, setup, validation, and take-down processes for physical material in offices. Semcasting created a digital POC offering specifically designed to augment existing efforts and fill in any gaps in office coverage that may exist.

This started when Semcasting pulled a sample 2,000 hospitals and physician offices and based on an aggregated analysis determined that 31.8% of devices connected to available WiFi networks. They also found that the median time spent was 21 minutes.

Based on this information, Semcasting used its patented Smart Zones technology to create a digital POC solution that allows communication to all devices that connect to networks in specific HCP offices. For example, Semcasting’s digital POC solution was leveraged by a leading OTC children’s allergy medication company to effectively initiate direct engagement with patients’ parents. Semcasting leveraged their healthcare database to identify HCP offices that would be relevant targets for this brand, including pediatricians and allergists. The company ran in-office campaigns for the children’s allergy medication using Semcasting’s Smart Zones technology and its digital POC solution. The campaign used video and banner ads to deliver the messaging to the appropriate targets via in-app and mobile browser ads.

In the three months after the campaign, there was a 1.5x increase in dollars and unit sales of pediatric OTC product due to the media exposure. There was also a 1.1x increase in sales to the brand, showcasing a halo effect to other products sold under the same brand.


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