PM360 2019 Innovative Product DIFA TV from Crossix



Nick Illobre, VP, Product Strategy

Crossix has changed the TV planning and measurement process with its newly launched DIFA TV platform. Pharma marketers finally have a solution that provides visibility into how their largest media investments—more than $5 billion was spent on TV advertising in 2018—are performing.

This spring, Crossix released DIFA TV as a new component of its longstanding measurement platform, DIFA. This solution allows marketers to understand how effectively their national TV advertising is reaching a relevant health audience, the health actions that are taken after exposure, and the business outcomes as a result.

This powerful platform helps marketers at all stages of the advertising process—from upfront planning, to in-market reporting, to post-campaign ROI measurement. It provides results in-flight, allowing marketers to identify where there are opportunities to adjust TV spend and media weight during the campaign instead of after. It works by connecting health and TV ratings data at a household level to determine the targeting effectiveness of linear TV exposure. While traditional TV measurement tools have provided insights after a campaign, DIFA TV provides a wide range of monthly metrics, including:

  • television campaign delivery
  • competitive campaigns
  • opportunities for optimization
  • audience quality
  • doctor visitation
  • gross conversions

The rise of DIFA TV has opened new possibilities, such as moving beyond demo-based buys and post-campaign measurement. Instead, marketers now have access to more timely insights that can be used to inform spend and allocate resources. And Crossix has plans to continue building out the DIFA platform and its capabilities.


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